During my work as a certified special education teacher, my students opened up new perspectives for me. Each of my students was also a teacher to me. While I supported them in their struggle with supposed physical and psychological limitations, they continued to break up the barriers built into my own mindset.

Due to my interest for other cultures, I chose to get a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies. My work with migrants and my love for travel made me more aware of my european-biased  views and helped me enrich them with a multitude of new influences and lifestyles. Each encounter with a new culture left me curious for more and opened up a range of opportunities.

My life has been shaped from the beginning by my extremely keen perception, my vivid dreams and my great empathy for others. As a child, the feeling of being overwhelmed with all these impressions presented a tremendous challenge, which on the other hand has fostered great strength. The older I got, the easier my life has become. My enormous curiosity has always driven me to seek out the right methods and teachers to extend my perception and make use of it in a more conscious way. I gradually reached an understanding that the energy work that started out as a hobby had actually been with me from the start and formed a greater part of my being.

One crucial point in life was my encounter with Edith Amann and the Dakini training. For the first time, this training, which has its roots in Tibetan Buddhism and Tantra, provided a safe place for me to take a deep plunge into my feminine powers. It has strenghtened me so much in realizing my dreams and visions without fear that I resolved to use the experiences I made to support other young girls and women on their path.