Five steps to more ease

  • Please send me an e-mail to my  with the subject “B2go” and your telephone number.
  • You will receive my account information (details).
  • Please transfer me 95 Euros
  • In a short phone call, we will clarify the issue and as soon as the money is in the account, we can  proceed.
  • For five days, you will receive methods, clearings, and exercises that are more attuned to you and your subject, bringing more ease into your daily life.

What can you understand under the title “Bianca to go“ ?

Every day a pinch of lightness and the “oh” effect to the experiences churning out. Bianca swings with your energy that you can only marvel. She tells you about the things you might have forgotten. If you want to have a great tool to solve the stress. The beliefs that are not present or never been questioned are raised and transformed. The positive is the focus of Bianca’s work and as well as the most positive thing about the whole work. You go through the world with a better feeling and any unpleasant situations or tasks can be faced with much more ease. You get to know a world of less questions that you no longer want to miss. You will quickly get used to the soothing voice of the daily audios and miss them painfully when the days are up.