Instantcreation is an online training for self empowerment.

1. BODY: Reconnect With Your Body
Dive into a magical journey of reunion with your body. Reconnect with your oldest friend as you rediscover the language and hidden abilities of your physical being. Exchange your body judgments for a deep gratitude of self. Shift the perspective and prepare for an ever evolving but ever-loving relationship appreciating the natural beauty of your corporeal form.
2. HEART: Strength of Heart Through Vulnerability
Break down the walls to your heart and let love flow freely. Feel your power as you stop wasting energy trying to hold on to love and protect your heart. Instead, release all your kindness and caring into every moment and start to appreciate yourself and your life to the fullest. Recognize your pure essence, look deeper, and reconnect to the wonder which was always within you. What could be possible if all you are longing for, is already there? Learn easy methods to fulfill your heart’s deepest wishes.
3. SEXUALITY: Orgasm is Just the Beginning
Are you really enjoying sex? Do you want to penetrate the barriers of our preconceptions and surrender to the sexual vibrations that surround us? Tune in to the frequencies that connect us and let us safely explore the grandness of our sexuality. The magic doesn’t stop at the bedroom. Release your sexual power into your entire life and discover your own healing energy.

4. RELATIONSHIP: Fulfilling Relationships with Awareness

The newly gained knowledge and newfound appreciation for self explored in previous months come together is this final course, helping you to allow for greater intimacy between you and your body. Enter into a vulnerable relationship with yourself and choose to be open and to accept all the universe has to offer. The fear of being rejected by others will slip away as you come to celebrate you, and the purity of your essence and the authenticity of your beauty. Recognize and realize the divine within you and in others. Out of this new awareness of true intimacy, you will learn simple methods for creating fulfilling relationships.
  • Flexible time – session will be as audios recorded. 

  • Commitment – to your own process and your group.

  • Safe and sacred space – you decide how much personal information you share.

Personal process support: The possibility to exchange in a What‘sApp group
Take your choice and create your life with awareness.