Testimonials: It is incredible – a visit to Bianca and there is ease, freedom, self-awareness and attachment to our fellow human beings – I am glad to have discovered this method that supports me in everyday life on all levels and lets me find myself! (Maria B.)

Bianca has helped me in one session already more than 10 others, a big thank you Bianca (Sara C.)

With her special and empathetic nature, she creates a trusting atmosphere! Her treatment was an enriching and lasting experience for me! Many Thanks!!! (Monica E.)

Bianca to go clears. Bianca to go opens. Bianca to go works. Are you ready for “more”? More clarity – more space – more ease? With Bianca to go I enjoyed every day, for 5 days tailored to my needs clearing. Each voicemail opened up more space! Big thanks to Bianca to go. We want to go again. (Beate)

It is wonderful that there are such special people with special gifts! Bianca is such a person. RECOMMENDED! (Marlene S.)

Cautiousness, understanding, without prejudice, without the trite, well-intentioned ‘advice. Tailored to the person and seeing the big picture. (Tanja)

Dear Bianca, Thanks to you for the soothing and healing work with you on me ? Through this I have discovered and felt a lot and understood to live my life now more confident & coherent 🙂 I will surely recommend you to my friends and hope you spoil yourself sometimes with one hour with your gift 🙂 all dear (Julia S.)

I am overjoyed and grateful to have taken the time and space for Bianca’s deep & holistic trauma solution. I was able to cut through old entanglements, get to know myself better and now feel much free in my feelings, thoughts and actions. Thank you for your fine sense and your attentive & loving care, dear Bianca! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! (Xenia)

I am very happy to have met Bianca … she has enriched my life with her empathetic nature and her skills … I look forward to more wonderful individual sessions & seminars … (Angelika)

High quality energy work. During the treatment, a safe and trusting framework is created, which allows each topic to be viewed with value and to be solved in depth on many levels. Thanks for the great new insights and the ease that you have conjured up in my life! (Hannah)

I am very happy and satisfied that I have entrusted my fears and doubts to Bianca. Only in this way could I face my fears and master them with the professional and careful support of Bianca. I could not have made so easy and smooth in my new life. Thank you, dear Bianca, for handling my problems with your gentle and loving care. (Nesen)